Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Lesson of the Daphnia Bug

Bugs. Ugh. If bugs could read, I'd post little signs strategically in my home: "Hostile Territory -- Do Not Enter". While I search for ways to exterminate the critters, others of a more scientific ilk are looking for ways to appreciate them. Which brings me to a really cool story I heard on the radio back in February. A bug enthusiast named Saran (yes, like the wrap) was being interviewed about a teeny tiny creature called the Daphnia. Saran enthused as to how this well-studied creature can grow a spear and a helmet when threatened. Really! She had my attention, despite the bug element. I had to know more.

She explained the Daphnia Bugs, commonly known as water fleas, are short-lived creatures that survive in constantly changing conditions. They are engineered to cope with their environment in amazing ways -- like the armor, for instance. You've got to keep in mind, this animal is roughly the size of the equal (=) sign on your keyboard. A bug that small is capable of sprouting its very own protective gear when bullies come around. Wow. Suddenly I felt a trace of respect, awe even, for All Things Bug-like. Well, most things bug like, anyway.

If God, whom I recognize as the Infinite Creator, took the time to equip a bug with battle gear, then He also must have a plan of protection for me! I don't have to look too far to summon sturdy battle attire: loyal family, reliable friends, my church, my Bible. Prayer. Fortifying air in the morning. Incomprehensible galaxies glimmering in the night sky. Hearty food. Liberating laughter.

It's all there, within easy reach. Armor, for the unseen .... Protection against adversity. A cloak of peace for whatever troubles may be lurking about in the shadows of a fallen world.

Great stories often come in small packages. A humble bug has reminded me of a mighty Creator.

Next time I feel threatened, or afraid, I will reach for the provisions ready and waiting. And I will remember the lesson of the Daphnia Bug.

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  1. Amazing little bug! I wonder if we look like bugs sometimes to God?