Sunday, July 10, 2011

Decorate your Door

Doors. Some are festooned with flowers for summertime, some are bold in their simplicity. Many are painted yellow or red; some are blue with white trim and others are so weathered, they emit a quiet story of survival.

Now that I live in town, I enjoy walking through the neighborhood. The first thing I notice about a house is the door, usually. I don't know why. I suppose it's because a doorway is a portal to an undiscovered place. And it's usually closed, or perhaps more loosely defined by a screen door. Either way, it's a gate, a hedge of privacy, a silent barrier to the world.

What if someone asked you to describe yourself in the analogy of a door? For instance, if you are a Screen Door Person, you are probably easy and breezy. You prefer casual, and barefoot is even better. At times you feel a little creaky and squeaky; your "screen" is torn in places and there are gaps you'd rather weren't quite so visible. Your life is all about constant coming and going -- you wouldn't want it any other way. Embracing change is something you do naturally, and you get a little grumpy and resentful when they install the storm door in your place.

If you're a Sliding Glass Door Person, on the other hand, you are transparent. Really. People can see right through you. Your latch sticks a lot, but usually somebody knows how to jiggle your workings and get you going again. You have lots of visible smudges all over you, from toddlers and wet doggy noses, but you like this - it's who you are.

Are you a French Door Person, maybe? If so, you radiate beauty and order. You look, well, tidy. Rather formal, in fact. You open with practiced finesse. You have such a "together" look, that people sometimes avoid you. They seek out other doors with sturdier handles, noisier hinges, well worn threshholds. You've got that great curb appeal going on, but you'd rather be grimy and in the game. Others appreciate you, but they don't truly know you.

Front Door People... you thrive on communicating, with a big banner for every occasion: Congratulations, Grads! Welcome Home! Happy Birthday! It's a Boy! People smile when they see you. When company comes to call, you are swung open wide and the joyful words pour out: Come in! Are you hungry? You've grown so big! How long can you stay? What's for supper? Front Door People are approachable, warm, and safe to be around.

Back Door People are special because they are on call 24/7. If you're one of these, you are a keeper of've more than once let in a family member past curfew, whispering shut behind them. You'll never tell. You are a co-conspirator, guardian of secrets, safe harbor. Back Door People are witness to muddy boots, hasty goodbyes, hello kisses, nosy neighbors, abandoned book bags, bicycle parts and recycle bins.

Whatever your facade, the mystery beneath is amazing -- a heady mix, a unique blend of DNA, life experiences, family history, stories, setbacks and celebrations. So throw a decoration on your "door" and be whoever you are with joy and abandon! Passers by will pause, and have a look. Some of them will come right up to you and ring your bell. I'd say, be ready for anything.

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